Dear Members:

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to serve as the Harvard Black Alumni Society's new President. Having been a founding member of the organization I look forward to seeing its continuing growth, carrying on its traditions and facilitating innovation to provide a powerful platform for alumni from such an amazing institution.

I am especially excited about the opportunity to continue to work closely with Yvonne Osirim who will be succeeding me as Vice President of HBAS. Yvonne has been a long-time board member serving as HBAS's Secretary. Having recently taken a position as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, she brings a unique perspective and amazing talent to help meet the challenges and goals of ever improving the HBAS experience for its members.

Yvonne and I are particularly blessed to carry on the amazing leadership of our past Presidents including founders Chris-Tia Donaldson and Danice Woodley along with our most recent President, Lawrence Adjah. We are also extremely happy to welcome Lawrence to our newly created Advisory Board that was announced at our fourth (and with over 750 participants, the most highly attended) Harvard Black Alumni Weekend. We are grateful for Lawrence's vision and dedication and look forward to his continued involvement.

With the momentum created by HBAW and the newly formed Advisory Board, we look forward to increasing involvement in local chapter activities and welcoming new organization-wide initiatives in the areas of health, public service and education.


Mark Price, AB '98, MBA '04